Kim Painter

Health and wellness writer

I'm a veteran health and lifestyle journalist. After three decades as a USA Today staffer and contributor focused on personal health and medicine, I"m now a freelancer, working for clients including AARP, Bottom Line Health, the BMJ and Captrust's VESTED magazine.

How to Be Happy: 8 Simple Habits to Help You Find Joy

Life in the 2020s has been rough, with waves of COVID-19 and other world-disrupting crises coming one after another. We all could use a little cheer right now. Luckily, daily opportunities for joy are there for the taking, experts in the art of happier living say.

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Striking a Balance on Spending

While many American retirees need to scrimp in order to keep paying their bills, many others have a nicer problem, financial researchers say. If these well-funded retirees don’t start spending more of what they have, they may die with their nest eggs largely intact or expanded—even if they never consciously decided to do so.

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It's Easy Being Green

The truth about greener living: “Almost everything you do to improve your environmental impact improves your own life.”